Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A man wearing a bra!

I see that there are many sites about, men wearing a bra! And I have read, most of them! And from what I have read! Everyone, seems to think that, if a man dosen't totally crossdress! He shouldn't wear a bra! I don't understand! If a man is wearing all female clothing! Then it is alright for him to wear a bra! But if he is wearing a bra, and he is NOT wearing any other, feminine clothing! Then he is in the wrong! Why is this?
I am a 52 year old man! And I wear a 40DD, full figure bra, daily! I always wear a bra, with the cups filled! I only wear bras, and sometime a blouse! Through the years I have tried on a few Dresses and Skirts, and the such! But I don't care to wea them! An outfit for me is usually, a bra, a t-shirt, and jeans! And, once I get dressed, in the morning! That is how I am dressed for the day! Yes, I am wearing a bra, when I am in public! I have had mixed reactions, to my attire! But, to be honest! I don't really care what anyone thinks, about the way I dress! I enjoy wearing a bra! And, I am going to keep wearing a bra! I am not asking anyone for, anything! So, why dose anyone feel that they have the right to, say anything about what I am doing! So if you see me, somewhere! You might as well, keep your opinion to yourself! Because, it is my life! I am in no way, trying to lure anyone into doing what I do! And it is my life! I should be allowed to live it! In whatever manner, I feel is best! And just because I wear a bra! Dosen't make me a bad person! Just a little differant, maybe! And it is not illeagal, for me to wear a bra! And I am not saying that it is right! I'm just saying, I am comfortable, and happy! So why do people act like, I am doing something wrong! I guess that everyone, thinks they have the right to decide! What is right or wrong!