Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A man wearing a bra!

I see that there are many sites about, men wearing a bra! And I have read, most of them! And from what I have read! Everyone, seems to think that, if a man dosen't totally crossdress! He shouldn't wear a bra! I don't understand! If a man is wearing all female clothing! Then it is alright for him to wear a bra! But if he is wearing a bra, and he is NOT wearing any other, feminine clothing! Then he is in the wrong! Why is this?
I am a 52 year old man! And I wear a 40DD, full figure bra, daily! I always wear a bra, with the cups filled! I only wear bras, and sometime a blouse! Through the years I have tried on a few Dresses and Skirts, and the such! But I don't care to wea them! An outfit for me is usually, a bra, a t-shirt, and jeans! And, once I get dressed, in the morning! That is how I am dressed for the day! Yes, I am wearing a bra, when I am in public! I have had mixed reactions, to my attire! But, to be honest! I don't really care what anyone thinks, about the way I dress! I enjoy wearing a bra! And, I am going to keep wearing a bra! I am not asking anyone for, anything! So, why dose anyone feel that they have the right to, say anything about what I am doing! So if you see me, somewhere! You might as well, keep your opinion to yourself! Because, it is my life! I am in no way, trying to lure anyone into doing what I do! And it is my life! I should be allowed to live it! In whatever manner, I feel is best! And just because I wear a bra! Dosen't make me a bad person! Just a little differant, maybe! And it is not illeagal, for me to wear a bra! And I am not saying that it is right! I'm just saying, I am comfortable, and happy! So why do people act like, I am doing something wrong! I guess that everyone, thinks they have the right to decide! What is right or wrong!


  1. Do u have any more pictures of u wearing bras plus views from backside

    1. Do u wear lacey and colored bras too

  2. Are your cups filled with your breast tissue?

  3. So I wear a 42 triple D soft cup bra. Yes, with large breastforms, but I love the feeling, the bounce and jiggle, and yes, the look under a woman's thin T-shirt.

  4. I am currently growing my breasts, what kind if bra should I get and wheb?

  5. I'm a 13 year old boy and I wear a 40a and have natural boobs

  6. I started of as a 32a and was wearing a sports bra and now I'm a 42d and where a normal bra because I put loads of weight on and I'm only 12

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  8. My name is Steve Nelson. I have what is called: gynecomastia. (See Videos).
    My challenge is simple; one side started growing sometime early last year while the other remained flat. I will not get surgery. Only about 10% of surgery works for lasting effect. And I am happy to accept what, whatever God there is, has in store for me. I currently use a homemade formula combining: Soy bean oil (Any Vegetable oil at the grocery store will do as they are all Soy bean oil), Fenugreek (capsule or liquid), & a nice Natural Lavender lotion from the health food store. Plus I use a homemade pump made from dollar store parts. These seem to be working to enlarge the other side to come somewhat close to matching the one that already grows naturally.

    So that’s my goal Equalization. I am not a guy who's mixed up about his mental state as to whether I am a man or woman. I am a man of 57 years. I just have this development that I am managing. I am accepting of this challenge in my life. I fact I am rather enjoying this change. I listen to several of these online subliminal programs and I feel them working as I listen. I am very grateful to the creators of these subliminal programs! So here are some videos that you can see to learn more:

    My Man Boobs And Me (Health Documentary) - Real Stories

    Gynecomastia Geek

    I am not self-conscious and upset with this challenge. I am accepting of the situation and will live with it and I actually enjoy it as well. I have found a simple quick solution to equalization with the use of a Genie Bra. The Genie is very comfortable! I believe in my comfort! Plus the genie is relatively cheap to get and gives me the appearance of equal size to both sides and a nice rounded look (my size is 2x). But you have to look real close to see anything at all. I have learned that there are Many Thousands of men right now wearing bras and most people don't even know it. And well I'm one of them. So there! If you have a problem with that, then YOU really have the Problem!
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